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    Yeah, what are they? Mine are: Lack of faith in myself; perfectionism; and living in the past (rehearsing past mistakes)


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  3. The voice of my Internal Editor, the negative statements made about me growing up, lack of belief that I am entitled to be successful.

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  4. I think – For what? Who am I? Who cares? The answers often are – nothing, no-one and n0-one. What can one expect from such questions and answers?? For sure nit pity!!!! why? Because if you really wanted to do something – you would just do it and only , possibly or not, after ask questions or some nature or other.


  5. Family telling me ill never grow and that I’m holding my daughter back. (both said constantly by family). Lack of funds – BIG one.


  6. Thanks for reading my blog


  7. My health, my son’s health and not being able to get help from those who could help.

    P.S. Thank you for following my blog.


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