The Art of Storytelling (Part 1)

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the act of communicating events, words or images; storytelling transforms into a form of art because it is an interactive performance derived from

the orator’s ability to inspire 

the listener’s imagination 

(revisit an earlier post on the art of persuasion).

Most times, we think of storytelling as an ancient art and you hear of ancient tales and fables containing profound and powerful messages being passed down orally.

However, storytelling happens more often then we think.

Take photography for instance, there is a denoting difference between capturing a single moment and visually telling rich stories, but the key to a powerfully captivating photograph rests on the picture’s ability to tell an engaging story without the use of words.

In contrast, now take business for example – a nontraditionally considered form of art (but, I beg to differ)—although business storytelling tends to be more strategic, nonetheless, businesses must craft their content to show customers, employers, competitors, or investors compelling substance, service, and/or products (also known as, branding).

As I constantly mention, we are in a rampantly evolving society with an abundance of visual stimuli and a reduction in times of concentration.

It is becoming evermore difficult to slow down and pay attention to the simple things, the details.

Therefore, the act of storytelling and conveying important narrative is extraordinary, special, and a handed down tradition that must prevail.

In my opinion, the best stories are the ones that keep telling, the seemingly simple picture that has a thousand meanings, the movie that every time you watch it you learn something new, or the personal story of your first love that teaches both you and the listener.

Real, fake, improvised or embellished who doesn’t enjoy a good story? The underlying stimulating message is just an added bonus!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this insightful piece. You hit the nail on the head. One only has to look at all these different blogs to appreciate how society cannot function without stories.

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  2. interesting presentation!
    There used to be a storytelling circle with a man called brother Blue in Boston.
    He used to do storytelling with prisoners and wore a blue hat with butterflies.

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  3. check out my blog “brother blue storytelling inspired by you! Thank you!!

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  4. Grab the attention and keep the attention. Sounds simplistic enough but feels so monumental.

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  5. This is really informative. Thank you for sharing and I am sure, specially, this gonna be helpful for me😊


  6. An amazing informative post!! Thank you for writing this! Please do check out my blog as well! 🙂


  7. I love how you made certain key phrases bold, great way to keep the reader engaged and on your path!

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  8. Great article! And a perfect example of what good storytelling is. 🙂

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  9. It was insightful and extremely informative. Thank you!
    Here’s hoping you’ll check out my blog too. 🙂

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