Beauty In Brooklyn


Anyone Looking to Live in Brooklyn Let Me Know! I have inventory all over to fit your budget, needs, and wants.. Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Bushwick, Greenpoint, East Williamsburg, Williamsburg and more!! Oh, and did I mention NO BROKER’S FEE!!!!


What is a “No Fee” apartment?
MySpace NYC (the brokerage I work for) has many No Fee apartment listings throughout Brooklyn. This means that we work to find qualified tenants for the property owners, and for providing this service the owners pay our broker’s fee. We have many exclusive no fee apartments because we rent great apartments to great tenants quickly.







Alright! You found your new apartment, now what?
The application process for a no fee apartment is pretty simple. As a courtesy, we will take the apartment off the market with a deposit equal to a full month’s rent plus application fees (it’s $100 per applicant or guarantor). We accept payment in the form of cash, certified check, money order, PayPal Request or PayPal Here. Upon application approval the good faith deposit of one month’s rent will go toward your first month’s rent. If for any reason you are not approved after completing the application process, the good faith deposit will be returned quickly in the form of a MyspaceNYC company check. NOTE: Application fees are non-refundable. Within 48 hours of submitting your application, all the remaining documents proving your financial qualifications are due. We will run each applicant’s credit, and assemble a package to forward to the landlord.



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