Personal Branding

Do you have a personal brand?

Have you thought of one?

What is it?

A personal brand is a vivid and distinct practice of publically marketing your personality and career. Targeting a specific niche can leverage packaging your personal brand, but first you have to take a personal inventory of your expectations, goals, accomplishments, and promises.

What will come to matter most with your personal brand is interchangeably your reputation, evermore the impression you leave on others. Hence, why consciously formulating your personal brand is helpful.

You have to contemplate ways to identify your personal brand

—where does it fit?

How are you going to display your personal brand?

And, how are you going to control your brand?

Nevertheless, there are qualities your brand should have in order to attract an audience. In conjunction, your brand should directly reflect your personality. Therefore, your brand should possess quality, creativity, assurance, and promise.

This does not mean that you brand yourself by setting up a good image, rather your replicate your personality with transparency and authenticity.

So, if what you are portraying online does not match up with what you are truly aspiring to be, then you need to reconsider your motivations and if you are interested in personal branding or creating an alter ego.

To the contrary, personal branding is less about re-inventing one’s self, instead it is about aligning one’s professional and ethical self within one’s marketing strategies.

In my simplest argument, personal branding echoes where business meets humanity!

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  1. Yes, I actually do. It’s done well as well. I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog. Much respect


  2. Love this! I think we get so confused by trying be something someone else already is. 🙂

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