Who Are The Millennials?

The term begun from generational analysis and distinction, defining a person reaching young adulthood during the 21st century—Generation Y— milestone in history. Evermore, the term has become more inclusive of individuals ranging in birth years from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. Therefore, this generation has reached an amount unlike any other previous generations. On the other hand, generational change is not new and there are historical variations that generally occur. For instance, generational change comes with new inventions; new inventions that the youngest generation tends to fully accept. In the millennial examination we note these new inventions as modern technology: personal computers—laptops, smartphones, and the Internet. The dominance and abundance of these new inventions provides a clear turning point in generational change. Furthermore, the internet was new and no one knew the Internet rules or etiquette, but the youngest people learned first and continue to learn first. Another, general characteristic attributed to generational change is the comparison in attitudes with the new generation having a more optimistic and confident outlook than the preceding generations. Millennial has become more expansive as the term has progressed to describe a type of mindset; ‘The Millennial Mindset.”

And, What Are The Millennials Criticized About?

Being single-mindedly self-centered on themselves and their careers.


 My Counter Argument: We are becoming community leaders and use

online platforms to help others who are in difficulty.

Unwilling to take intellectual risks

Unwilling to pay dues

Lack of interest in the state of politics

                                     My Counter Argument: Heavily interested and instead of voting (using the

established capitalistic platform) use online platforms where their true voice

is heard (pushing for a socialist state or true democracy where the people

truly matter).

Have become lazy(safe) with Political Activism (being online)

Being irrational/unrealistic

                                     My Counter Argument: Creating their own ideals of realism

No deep education

–                                    My Counter Argument: We research then present new ideas, therefore

providing theoretical contribution to science-

Altering the structure of economic, political and social power everywhere.


I am not a blind ally and I do acknowledge our generation’s flaws; that our generation was coddled and given a lot of comfort in addition to being digitally wired from childhood, which has unfortunately desensitized us to real life and real emotions. However, regardless of being categorized into Generation Y or the millennial generation, we all live in this generation and are contributors and products of this generation.



Hope Your Month is off to a great start, keep track with the custom, personal calendar I use!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.09.30 PM



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  1. One of my generation truly..
    You’re calendar looks simalar to my own, except mine is based on the moon cycles but coincidentally follows a simalr pattern. Very cool 🙂

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  2. Really interesting post and blog Kamala

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Fijay, it is appreciated!


      • Your welcome …looking foreward to many more posts …you’re some sharp lady …and your business with humanity ethic is perfect for the moment …a true ‘millennial’ ….it’s making me want to relocate to Brooklyn …..no ..no …only kidding ..too much to get on with here ….with you in spirit across the ether only I’m afraid but reckon I can learn a lot from your blog:)

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  3. “Boomers” are at odds with millennials for their perceived polarity of perspective…in reality, both generations are biased toward the same things, just at opposite ends of the spectrum? You can’t have a conversation with a Boomer that doesn’t involve politics/healthcare!

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  4. I love that you addressed having online platforms. While I do think voting is very important, I get frustrated with the concept that because something is on the internet, it is somehow less real. I truly am grateful to have a voice, and that voice exists because of the Internet. Besides, how many businesses would not exist without the Internet? No in considers Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. Gmail, or Facebook to be “not real.”

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